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Having spent 12 years in the hotel business, I love serving people—making them feel at home and comfortable. As a hotel general manager, I know the value of friendly, genuine attention to the customer. 


When I left the hotel industry, I started my own consulting firm helping companies develope customer-focused cultures. Over these 15 years, I preached what I still practice now -- ensuring clients are well taken care of with their needs met.


Somehow, I knew that I would make my final vocation what has been my avocation for many years—art, interior design, and decorating. Practicing my own art (painting) took a back seat to my business. Now, I am painting and loving it. 


Interior design, styling, and renovating homes is now my business and art is very much a part of that. We hope that you come by our beautiful show room to shop, browse, and get inspired.


Claire Major

Artvark Ltd. LLC

3185 Balis Dr

Suite 108

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

p: 225.892.3853

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