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“He is happiest, be he king or peasant,

who finds peace in his home."

– Goethe
Get to Know Us

Artvark, Ltd. is an arts and interiors business specializing in vintage and mid-century modern furnishings and decor. We also have new inventory, fresh from market with a few antiques sprinkled in with lots of great "found objects." I guess you have figured out that we like to mix it up.  We're located in a warehouse that we've transformed into a beautiful showroom.  We're very proud of it. Our open hours are not regular, instead, we have "openings" and each time we do, you'll think you are walking into a totally difference place, filled with new and unique decor that will make your home a special place. And our openings are always kicked off with an event!

Come visit, I promise you'll love the experience.

My Style


My personal style used to lean more to the traditional. Then one day, when my kids were still at that age where I was running them around coupled with being so busy with work, I walked into my living room and said "Whoa!" Too much stuff.  Too cluttered, where's all the space?!  From that day on, I stick to a cleaner, more contemporary (but eclectic) pallete and style.  Using mid-century modern furniture allows me to do that while using vintage, recycled furnishings! 

It uncluttered my home, my mind and my life! It gave me peace. 

Love your Home Again


Whether you want to reinvent your space with the things you currently have, or are interested in renovating, we've done it! Planning on selling your home? Let us stage your house to help it sell quicker. Check out our portfolio of some of our favorite projects.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation. We also take appointments to visit our showroom when we are not open, just give us a call. 
Openings and events are announced on social media and through emailings. Please sign up if you'd like to be notified. 
p:  +1.225.892.3853
Artvark Ltd. LLC
3531 Capital Heights Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
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