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“He is happiest, be he king or peasant,
who finds peace in his home.”

And how do you create a home that gives you peace?  We like to think that designing and decorating your home is like the wedding saying:  “Something old; something new; something borrowed; something blue.”

No matter how modern your style is (and we lean toward fresh and contemporary) we believe having an antique, vintage or mid-century piece (or pieces) is a must.  Conversely, regardless of your love for the traditional, “modern, updated and fresh” makes your home engaging, uncluttered and have better resale value. “Something borrowed” comes from our belief that a piece of furniture, art, or an accessory should be from somewhere other than your own country.  Borrow from another culture—it adds interest and variety to your home.  Finally, “something blue” is not restricted to this color only—but using any color can add punch, create balance and generate visual interest. 

As an artist, I am a firm believer that art makes make your home or work space more stimulating, unique and provides food for the soul.   I love decorating with pieces that tell stories—this is the difference in “plain old store bought everything” and a home where your eye is drawn in by items that are meaningful and sentimental to you—and makes it so inviting and interesting to your guests.  As Goethe said, the home should make us happy and give us “peace. “ Whether your budget affords original art or reproductions, art of any kind is a must!

about artvark, ltd.
Our showroom is eclectic with a modern vibe and is composed mostly of vintage and mid-century modern furnishings and accessories. You won’t find much “new” except for our design ideas and look.  It’s a very green way to decorate, not to mention a good bit less expensive. 

There is an abundance of beautiful things from times past—that with a little paint, refinishing, new upholstery, or repurposing—can give your home character and pizzazz.  And coming from a contemporary preference, we are still very much able to get the modern look many folks long for these days in the task- cluttered, time-deprived world we live in.

All said, we work with our clients in what ever style the choose. 
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